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How to make a dome master? <1>

There are two basic mothods--Stitching Method and Reflecting Mirror Method.
The stitching method seems to be more commonly used.

Stiching Method

stitching cameras

The stitching method starts with images taken (or rendered) with three or more cameras.
As shown above, six cameras--Front, Top, Left, Right, Back, Bottom are used.
(All cameras must be put in the same position in actual scenes.)
Since the bottom camera is not necessary for a hemispherical dome,
usually only five cameras are used in this configuration, and it is called Penta(5)division.

before stitching


stitched image

STITCHED IMAGE -stitched by QuickStitcher

After rendering all original images, you have to stitch them using stitching software to get a dome master.
The stitching method using five cameras currently is the most popular method.
However, you can reduce your working hours and data storage space.
We will examine this subject in another pineapple.

The biggest drawback to this method is that you cannot see the result immediately,
and sometimes you will see faint but visible seams in it.

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