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Stitching Methods <1>
-The dome masters on this page were stitched by QuickStitcher-

Pentadivision and quadridivision are standard stitching methods with cubic camera alignment.
Pentadivision uses five cameras (front, top, left, right, back) to cover a half-world, or hemisphere.
If you decline pentadivision camera alignment by 45 degrees, it becomes quadridivision camera alighment.
Only four cameras (front, top, left, right) are enough to cover the world in quadridivision.

Cubic Camera Alignment

pentadivision alignment quadridivision alignment

Pentadivision Alignment (left) and Quadridivision Alignment (Right)
Put the cursor over the image to see the horizontal plane.
You can download a 3ds max scene file including these cameras
from PineappleWare Download Page.



longer rendering time
larger storage size
no seams in top
can be compressed
can be tilted


PENTA(5)DIVISION -compressed



compressed and tilted

PENTA(5)DIVISION -compressed and tilted



shorter rendering time
smaller storage size
no seams in front
cannot be compressed
cannot be tilted

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