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How to make a dome master? <2>

Reflecting Mirror Method

mirror camera

Takes a shot of a reflecting mirror at the center of the world, or the view point.
The surface of the mirror is shaped so that the camera can reflect
a dome master image of the surrounding landscape.

view from above


The mirror is placed on the ground (just above the sea level).

rendered image


You can see your dome master immediately, and it's all seamless.
However, you have to render your scene using raytracing and will lose the alpha channel,
which makes compositing in post-production difficult.
There are many advantages and disadvantages in using the raytracing method.
Another problem is that it is difficult to put something between the mirror and the camera.

fisheye reflector


FOR 3DS MAX USERS: You can download a max scene file containing
a reflecting mirror and camera from PineappleWare Download Page.

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