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Single Image Projection
-The dome masters on this page were rendered by DMProjector-

You may just wish to project a single photograph on the dome
using your fulldome video projection system,
or you may wish to open a small window on the dome and project a movie in it.
Here is a simple and convenient tool for these purpose.

single image projection

A single still image or sequential (animated) images are projected
by an imaginary projector which is located at the center of the dome.
You can make an arbitrary selection of FOV (field of view) of the lens,
direction (yaw), tilt (pitch) , and rotation (roll) of the projector.

original picture

The Original Picture
Judging from the aspect ratio of the photo, the height of the space shuttle,
and the position of the horizon, the authour guessed this photo might be taken with
a 35mm camera using a 14mm lens (the diagonal FOV is 114 degrees).


Parameter Settings
This is the setting panel of "DMProjector (Dome Master Projector)" software.
You can download the trial version of DMProjector by clicking the button below.

DMProjector is a Windows application.
Only Truevision TGA (Targa) files are acceptable as source files.
If you input any "Start number," the source is regarded as sequential files.
The output file format is RLE-compressed 24 or 32-bit Truevision TGA.
Only if you check "Save alpha channel," the output files will be saved in 32-bit.

You can change the size of the image on the dome by changing "Field of view."
You must set as the same FOV as the camera's lens if you want to project the same, that is,
real view from the camera to the audience. In the above case, 114 degrees in diagonal.

rendered dome master

Rendered Dome Master
This dome master will give the correct view to a viewer at the center of the dome.

If you save the alpha channel (transparency information), you can collage multiple images
using software like Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects in post production.
Put the cursor over the image to see an example.

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