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Panorama Transformation
-The dome masters on this page were rendered by DMPanorama-

The Panorama has traditionally holds a unique position in the planetarium world,
and dome masters for panoramas are much in demand.
Here is a simple and convenient tool to transform a single image
into a dome master that gives a panoramic view.

panorama transformation

Panorama dome masters resemble compressed dome masters
in appearance, but their conversion methods are different.
Because the conversion method adopted here is not a projective method but
a kind of mathematical transformation, we call it "Panorama Transformation."

original picture

The Original Picture
320-degree panoramic picture of the surface of Mars


Parameter Settings
This is the setting panel of "DMPanorama (Dome Master Panorama)" software.
You can download the trial version of DMPanorama by clicking the button below.

DMPanorama is a Windows application.
Only Truevision TGA (Targa) files are acceptable as source files.
If you input any "Start number," the source is regarded as sequential files.
The output file format is RLE-compressed 24 or 32-bit Truevision TGA.
Only if you check "Save alpha channel," the output files will be saved in 32-bit.

You can change the position and the size of the image on the dome
by changing "Central azimuth," "Width," "Upper altitude," and "Lower altitude."
If you check "Use original ratio," the height ("Upper altitude") of the transformed image
is automatically determined by the aspect ratio of the original image.

rendered dome master

Rendered Panorama Dome Master (Retouched)
Generally, real pictures are not so even and need retouching to make "seams"
less noticeable after conversion. The above image was retouched with Adobe Photoshop.
The use of filling functions ("Fill laterally," "Fill upward," and "Fill downward") will
greatly save you time and effort. Put the cursor over the image to see the raw image before retouching.

You can also use "Tilt" to make tilted panoramas.
To make partial panoramas, input a number less than 360 in "Width."

rendered dome master

Tilted Panorama Dome Master (Retouched)
(Center Azimuth = 180 deg, Width = 270 deg, Upper Altitude = 12.5 deg,
Lower Altitude = -12.5 deg, Tilt = 15 deg)
Put the cursor over the image to see the raw image before retouching.

If you save the alpha channel (transparency information), you can collage multiple images
using software like Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects in post production.

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